Monday, November 26, 2007

Welcome to Danzig U.S.A.

Louisville is Danzig U.S.A.
Welcome to Danzig U.S.A., a blog about Louisville, Kentucky. The name of this blog comes from an offhand comment on MoneyLaw: "Louisville . . . is to the American South as the Free City of Danzig was to the Weimar Republic." I can think of no more succinct — and culturally loaded — way of describing my city.

I'm Jim Chen, law school dean at the University of Louisville and host of The Cardinal Lawyer and the blogs of the Jurisdynamics Network. From time to time, I hope to post observations about Louisville, Kentucky, and the American South. I am a native of the region and love Louisville. I also hope to persuade other Louisville residents to join me in presenting this city in a light that is at once honest and affectionate.


Terry L. Singer said...

Good looking blog, Jim. I had to be the first to tell you.

christiancntrygrl said...

I guess I couldn't be the first, but it is a good blog, Jim.