Friday, December 14, 2007

Beginning to see the light

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Marc Swanson's unsettling and sometimes shocking exhibition, Beginning to See the Light, has reached its final month at the 21C Museum Hotel:
Marc Swanson: Beginning to See the Light, comprises artwork made for several different exhibitions over the last five years, reuniting in this context to present a broad overview of the artist's œuvre. Swanson's sculptures, paintings, installations, and video projects combine disparate references to art history, music, mythology, and his own personal lore, providing a body of work that explores ongoing themes such as autobiography, duality, and desire. For this exhibition, Swanson has embarked on a meditative process that is not merely a nostalgic portrait, a history, or a looking back, but a contemporary struggle forward to know one's self, presenting us with an exquisitely vulnerable portrait of an artist.
State of Emergency

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