Sunday, May 25, 2008

Maysville Kentucky -- Life in the Slow Lane

Kentucky has much to offer, and with the price of gas why not enjoy what the state can provide?

I went to Maysville, Ky., for a few days. Maysville is at a bend in the Ohio River, across from Aberdeen, Ohio. It's a pretty town with a great deal of pride in its history and its preservation.

My husband was there to research; I took the time to check out some beautiful architecture and find some good photos. Hope you enjoy.


Ginger said...

Hi beth it wonderful how many things ky. has.Just like here in S.Calif. most ppl enjoy what we all have. I would someday like to visit your home state, And thank you so much for showing us some.If your State is like you it kind and lot to offer.thank you for stopping by my blog you take care my friend.

Heather Robinson said...

Your photos are exquisite. What a pleasure to see what you saw through your camera lens.