Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Music Festival in Louisville

Join us at the Mellwood Arts Center, June 19 - 22, 2008 for Terrastock 7.

There will be three stages (2 inside, 1 out).

According to the Terrastock Festival Site:
Each Terrastock Festival builds on the successes of the previous ones. The events are conceived in a spirit of peace, love and co-operation purely in order to celebrate the music championed by the The Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine and the Terrascope Online web community.

Terrastock is not an indie-rock A&R feeding frenzy. Bands and artists are there at the personal invitation of the organisers because we love their music and they love the way we do things. It's simply about the music, and about the whole Terrastock spirit. If you've ever been to a Terrastock, you'll know what we mean...

Click here for a list of bands.

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