Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Upshot: The Cathedral of the Assumption

World Religions
Philanthropists who paid for the resotration of Louisville's historic Cathedral of the Assumption will be honored and thanked for their contributions in November. The foundation overseeing the renovation has changed its name and mission and is now focusing on interfaith relations among the world's religions. It is based at the cathderal offices.


David said...
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David said...

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This Cathedral has been at the heart of my life here in Louisville since I showed up in the summer of 1994 to go back to school at U of L. My wife and I have a nice but unusual painting of it. To explain: imagine the photo shown above but go up into the building to the right (out of the shot - it is the Rectory, where the Archbishop and one other priest live). Our painting is the side view of the front portion of the Cathedral from that perspective. The group mentioned used to be called the Cathedral Heritage Foundation and they did a great job of inter-faith work to include find raising to do the restoration - which cost over $7 million as I recall. I used to be a bit conflicted over their "Night of a 1000 Stars" galas where folks would buy tickets and be treated to a concert inside the Chirch as well as a fancy dinner across the street - in a candlelit procession no less... The event was not open to the public, unless you bought a ticket. I preferred (and still do) the approach that our Church should be open to all and not the sponsor of exclusive events which can send the wrong message. The workaround is such as they do in Seattle when they have nice galas - do the first night of several for free and open it to the whole parish and the public. That way, all may witness the splendor of "great music in a great space" no matter their ability to pay. That phrase is borrowed from my friends in St Louis who sponsor a superb concert series in their Cathedral.