Monday, January 5, 2009

Quilting Portraits

Fabric is a delightful way to represent the human face. My work is a bit abstract, but the images are (generally) recognizable.

Here is a version I have done of President-elect Obama. (I must remember that teeth are difficult to portray ...)


Connie said...

Wow, great prodject!!! And, thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

vintage wil said...

Great project!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, great Blog..when I do teeth I generally use 2 strands of embroidery white thread and stitch them in a close satin tooth at a time..then to shadow them I draw a fine line on the top of the row with charcoal and gently smudge it into the threads to show the shadow on the top edge of the teeth caused by the will find that this makes them more real-looking.In Peace,Penny

Beth said...

Thank you for the suggestion! I need to watch you do this sometime.