Friday, August 14, 2009

Churchill Weavers

Churchill Weavers, a company with a long history in Berea, Kentucky, closed several years ago, its name and product line going to a company in Indiana. I had heard little about the group for some time, and feared that the revival of the group's weaving collection would not occur.

However, I just received the following from a representative of the group:

Hello, After a brief hiatus, Churchill Weavers will be relaunching a limited production schedule of their famous handmade throws and scarves. After September 1, production will begin again on reissues of some of their older lines as well as some of their new designs for Spring 2010.

There will be a return to the original Churchill Weavers emphasis on upscale but accessible, luxuriously tactile products. Churchill will continue its tradition of weaving on our trademark antique looms, personally designed by David Churchill in the early years of the last Century.

We invite any interested parties to please contact us via email with inquiries and/or orders at

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this as I am a former designer for Churchill and have been trying to find a way to get more information. I plan on publishing a blog entry about the history of Churchill and it's place in US textile history.