Friday, September 10, 2010

Abolish the Death Penalty: WAVE TV Guest Editorial

Abolish the Death Penalty
(WAVE TV Guest Editorial

By Donald Vish
KY Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

The rarity of executions in Kentucky goes beyond selectivity and enters the realm of freakish oddity – three since 1977 and only four since 1956.

Three conclusions are warranted:

1.The death penalty no longer serves any legal purpose
2.It offends Kentuckians' evolving standard of decency
3.It's arbitrarily applied
A 2006 University of Kentucky poll showed that 67% of Kentuckians prefer a penal option other than death in capital murder cases. The Kentucky Supreme Court should reconsider the continuing legality of the death penalty in light of its marginal and erratic use. Through looking at jury sentencing patterns, the court should conclude the death penalty does not meet legal standards, and that juries believe that life in prison without parole adequately protects the public and punishes the worst of the worst.

That's my opinion.

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