Sunday, April 20, 2008

Living the good life in Clifton

I live in the Clifton Neighborhood of Louisville. It’s a neighborhood bounded by Brownsboro Road on the north, Ewing Avenue on the east, I-64 on the south and Mellwood Avenue on the west. (However, I like to claim all the way east to Bayly—that way I can count a Heine Bros. and a Carmichaels Bookstore as part of the neighborhood. There are many reasons you should consider living in (or at least visiting) the Clifton neighborhood. One of those reasons is food:

1. Coffee Shops.

I can walk to four different terrific spots for coffee: Heine Brothers, Java Brewing Company, Caffé Classico, and Nancy’s Bagels. (If you like dark roast, get a cup of Nancy’s Thundermuck. It is delightful.)

2. Restaurants in general.

We’ve got it all here in Clifton. We have high end spots like Volare, Basa and Bourbon Bistro. We have an excellent Asian Vegetarian restaurant, Zen Garden. North End is eclectic, delicious, and Kentucky Grown. We’ve got two great pizza places, Clifton’s and Fat Jimmy’s. And then there are the more exotic: Sari-Sari (Filipino) El-Mundo (Mexican), Shiraz (Middle-Eastern), and the Grape Leaf (Greek).

Now that spring has come, almost every Clifton restaurant and coffee shop offers outdoor dining. Come join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We'd love to see you.


Anonymous said...


I'm moving from Lexington to Louisville and considering the Clifton/Crescent Hill area. I'll be looking at a house this weekend for rent at William St. and Frankfort Ave.

What is your opinion of that area? It's me and my almost 9 year old daughter.

Thanks so much and I enjoy your blog.

Beth said...

Hi there. In response to your question: I think it's a good neighborhood to raise a child. One of my close friends has a nine-year-old girl and lives on Haldeman--not that far. She has enjoyed raising her daughter in Clifton.
Hope this information helps.