Friday, September 5, 2008

Art vs. Art

Art vs. Art, a painting competition in which artists compete against each other and the losing art is destroyed, is coming to the Mellwood Arts Center on September 6, noon - 6 p.m. Art vs. Art is a fund raiser for Primary Colours, an Indianapolis-based arts nonprofit.

In the first stage — the paint-off — the program invites artists to come to the arts center, pay a $10 fee, and paint for 4 hours. The supplies are provided by the competition. You can stop by to watch the painting at Mellwood and later go online to view the paintings and vote for your favorites from the following cities: Louisville, Columbus, Ohio, Hammond, Ind., and Indianapolis (Indy's paint-off is September 13; the other three are September 6).

Once the paintings have been painted and the votes have been tallied, the top 32 will be part of a death match, in which the audience votes for its favorite art, and the losing art at each level is either sold or destroyed. Yes. You heard it. They destroy the art, unless you, the audience, saves it.

If you'd like to see painters at their craft, and would like to have some fun, visit the Mellwood Arts Center on Saturday. I think the event will be a lot of fun.

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