Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Classroom Picture Gallery #17 (final post in first attempt to select nine images)


Louisville Slugger

** **
Notes: the gallery will be comprised of nine images, seven along the outer circular wall of the classroom and one on each side of the lectern wall. Aerial images of architectual landmarks in the center city were favored in an attempt to capture familiar views that will resonate with many AND which are likely to remain stable over a long period of time (hence, there are no views of the arena site or other construction sites which will be dated very shortly). The two landscape images were selected for natural beauty and potential metaphorical value.

The images selected will be presented in a high gloss, sqaure format and displayed between the respective wall pillars above the heads of those seated in the back row of the room and surrounded by an abundance of white space. A 36x36 size is the target size but actuall size will depend upon the resolution and file size of the images selected. Using a finishing process known as sublimation, the digital images will be transferred by a heat press to a scratch resistant surface. The result is a high-quality, vivid and durable picture marked by rich color and luminosity.


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